PERFECTLY UNDONE, the first instalment in Daniella DeVinter's Lost Soul series, follows a perfectionist as she meets her undoing.

 This short film has won several awards for writing, direction, and acting, including OVERALL WINNER and BEST MONOLOGUE at the Jesus College Film Contest 2021, Cambridge University.​​​​​​​
A sophisticated, taut psychological thriller, beautifully written and performed. There were two delicious twists to this short film - just when you thought you knew where it was going it dragged you down a different path and left enough ambiguity to keep you guessing beyond the very last frame. At times it was unnerving, moving, funny, and thought-provoking - not easy to achieve in 3 minutes. Original, surprising and tightly packaged.​

Written, directed, and performed by Daniella DeVinter. 
Edited by Daniella DeVinter and Nick Hampson.
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